LED Display
  Traffic sing display
  Switching Power
  AC to DC adapter
  Poe power supply
  DC to DC adapter
  Solar charger
  Battery charger
  OEM/ODM switch

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Model number
Product photo
Compact size
160° effective viewing angle
Cable remote keyboard
Built ln computer port
Ac or 12-24VDC operation
Insert time and date in your message
European characters and symbols including.
Aluminum frame
Display Pixel: 7 X 50
Pitch: 7.62mm
Memory Size: 2 Pages 80 characters For 1st
  page and 420 characters for 2nd page
Frame Size: W475mm X H45mm X D11mm
Net Weight: 0.92kg
Available Color: Amber Or Red
Accessories: Power Adaptor, Cable Remote Keyboard,
  Signal Cable, CD Software, User Manual, Mounting Brackets

Optional accessories
Wireless RS232 USB adaptor RS485 adaptor Ethernet adaptor
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