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Indoor/outdoor Moving Message Sign
Indoor LED moving message display can communicate with central computer to quickly display large amounts of informaton In single red or triple-red, green, amber RGB color. The result is a moving message electronic display of great visual impact, superior visibility, and high resolution. LED display operate at a safety low voltage with very long life up to 100,000 hours. The LED displays offer the flexibility to display multi-language text message, graphics and logos. We provide a simple operation program software under windows let user can operate easily within seconds.
Brief description Product photo

7x50 pixel single line moving message sign >>more

7x80 pixel Full color message sign >>more

7x80 pixel single line moving message sign red color/multi color >>more

7x120 pixelFull color message sign >>more

7x120 pixel single line moving message sign color/multi color >>more

16x128 pixel double line moving message sign color/multi color >>more

24x80 pixel triple line moving message sign multi color >>more

16x64 pixel pitch 7.65mm single outdoor sign.with PC frame (can link and stack) >>more

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