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  Traffic sing display
  Switching Power
  AC to DC adapter
  Poe power supply
  DC to DC adapter
  Solar charger
  Battery charger
  OEM/ODM switch


ISO9001-Amplus has been awarded with ISO9001 accreditation. The key to Amplus's success is reliabilty coupled with the highest quality of design, service and product with total commitment to every customer.
DC to DC or AC to DC Customer make power supply solution for ODM/OEM
are welcome.
0By customer request specifications:

Constant current and constant voltage.

Customer design AC input cord and DC output cord.

color LED indication.

Universal AC input 100V to 250V,50Hz/60Hz.
Universal AC adapter cabinet available(BSI,USA,Europe,Aust).

Over load,over current,over heat protection.

High efficiency.

Extra Iow consumption.

Small in size and light weight.


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